Fall 2016

14th September 2016, 23:18

 Hey there,

just gave this site a little and needed face lift.. Was happy to add the recently released record with the double trio of Nate Wooley, the one of Octurn with the Tibetan monks of the Gyuto monastery, the double-piano quartet of Dré Pallemaerts, the one with the Belgian-Norvegian quartet Warped Dreamer, the east-coast homage of Alban Darche, and some more.

As I write this, two new records of personal collaborations are in the process of getting finished:
- a trio with the Japanese cult-god Keiji Haino and Belgian drummerTeun Verbruggen. To be released on Sub Rosa this November. We're playing four concerts too then, in both Belgium and France
- the duo with French piano-magician (yes!) Benoît Delbecq. Looks like we're going to adopt the name 'Plug & Pray'. The record should be out beginning of 2017 and I hope we'll get to play loads.

Furthermore I'm taking some weeks off in October to write the repertoire for the new acoustic quintet, Orca Noise Unit. We're doing a residency in Le Petit Faucheux in Tours in December, with our first concert at the end of that. Musicians are Sylvaine Hélary on flute, Antonin Tri Hoang on saxophone, Bruno Chevillon on double bass, Toma Gouband on percussion and myself on piano (the grand one).
If you're wondering what that will sound like, so am I!