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14th September 2018, 11:38

Hi everybody, I just put a brand new blog online. I felt the need to communicate in a more direct way about music and all that comes with it. The first post explains this a little more in detail. I'll be happy to read your comments, questions and own musings. You can find it here.
I'm writing this sitting in the concert hall where we'll play the first public concert with the trio with Malian master-griot Baba Sissoko and Iranian percussion specialist Afra Mussawisade. And I'm still enjoying the aftertaste of the 8 days spent with Teun Verbruggen's Bureau Of Atomic Tourism (BOAT) for which I had the pleasure to write the new repertoire. We recorded all of it and the cd should come out somewhere in 2019.
Also, to day is the release of French bass-player Stéphane Kerecki's 'French Touch', an album in quartet with Émile Parisien and Fabrice Moreau.
All the best to all--