22nd May 2020, 15:26


I hope that you're reading this in good health and spirits, given this pretty unusual turn of events. The last word hasn't been said about this situation, and about where it will bring us. Fingers crossed.

A couple of personal, musical facts I'd like to share:

- The master of 'Peau' is ready. 'Peau' is the first record of Trojan Panda, a guitar band I started a couple of years ago. Trojan Panda was an old dream of mine ("Let's all swop instruments!!"), and although it was always very serious, it took some to shake off the ambiance of a stubborn practical joke, partly for ourselves, partly towards the outside world. But I'm glad and even proud we managed, that we made this record and that we're ready to bring this music live to whoever wants or doesn't want to hear us. Now we're searching for a record label. It might take some time, given Covid and all, but it's certainly worth waiting. 

- Filipa Cardosa just launched a beautiful website that regroups a collection of most precious short movies she made about the Gyütö monastery near Dharamshala. Her work sheds light upon both Tibetan buddhism and daily life in the monastery.
As a member of Octurn, the contemporary music ensemble led by Belgian saxophonist Bo Van der Werf (Octurn released two cds with some of the monks), I had the immens chance to record some music over there, back in 2014. Filipa used parts of that music to accompany her movies, besides some solo tracks of mine. Warmly recommended!

- And here is a mix I was asked to make for Werkplaats Walter in Brussels. The general theme is 'W'. It's certainly slightly a bit on the intense side of things, but you can see it as a little machine made to perform a specific type of task. A little machine that does the job for me.