Trojan Panda 'Peau' // pre-sale

2nd March 2021, 09:12

Hi there, today we open the pre-sale for the new and first record 'Peau' of the guitar-band Trojan Panda. 
Please visit our Bandcamp page for more info.
A nice little clip can be seen here.

"What happens if two piano players, two saxophone players and a bassoon player take up three guitars, a bass and a drum kit? In this band - and old-phantasm-fulfillment - Jozef Dumoulin unites some of the most creative young voices of the music-scene in France. They’re determined to express their love for music in this peculiar way, for what is all but a practical joke.

With ‘Peau’, Trojan Panda delivers an exciting sonic object that draws from various sources, such as rock, experimental music, improvised music and jazz. but most of all the music stands on its own, as an invitation to let go of all preconceived categories, and as a declaration of love to sound, motion, playfulness, wonder and simple trust."

releases March 31, 2021 on Carton records

Sophie Bernado: guitar
Léo Dupleix: guitar
Jozef Dumoulin: guitar
Julien Pontvianne: bass
Hugues Mayot: drums