Spring is almost here..

15th February 2022, 14:02

And we start to see the end of the tunnel. Of this tunnel at least. Brilliant.

A new solo cd that still needs to be named, mastered and labeled is ready since a couple of days. The mix has been done by the precious producer/drummer Ludwig Wandinger from Berlin, and the album features a mix of acoustic piano's, Fender Rhodes, other keyboards, e-drums, field recordings, guitar and also some whistling. I'm very eager to share it with 'the world' and to sit down and come up with an adaptation for live concerts. To be continued!

Apart from that, four other duos are in the making and bringing out records this year. They all are very different, and dear to me for a bunch of reasons. 
- a duo with David Helm, bassist & more from Cologne. Harsh and loving (the music), and coming out on El Negocito Records at the end of 2022.
- a duo with baryton saxophonist Bo Van der Werf, long time partner in crime. Comfortingly weird. Coming out on PeeWee8 Records in the fall of 2022.
- a new thing of Lilly Joel, the duo with singer Lynn Cassiers, where I play the church organ only, around the music of Hildegard von Bingen. Mid-evil, god-trusting and wide. Coming out in the fall of 2022.
- and a lovely duo we made during the pandemic with NY-based also-drummer Flin van Hemmen. Filmy, different and mildly psychedelic. Coming out on Shhpuma Records in a couple of weeks.

Having a lot of fun too organising what I called 'Panda Session', in the spirit of our band Trojan Panda, where improvising musicians agree to come play an instrument they don't normally play for an hour or three. We've done some five already in Paris, and more are to come.

Carrying on the same philosophy, I'm super happy to announce that we'll set up another 24 hour non-stop improvised music event at Werkplaats Walter in Brussels, the last weekend of May. Trojan Panda will be featured there, and anybody who feels like will be able to join us. Among other adventures. More news to come!

OK, that's enough for now. Wishing everybody all the best, Jozef