on the cd 'A Fender Rhodes Solo':

Downbeat - **** - Music gentle on the ears if generally off-kilter. The edginess is slight but ever present.

Citizen Jazz - Elected disc - An oniric fog full of poetry. A dialogue of frequencies between stars.

Jazz News - Top CD - An unbelievable acid trip.

Freejazzblog - **** - Everybody, why don't you give this a try, because it is so much out of scope for what you've heard before, that it really is highly recommended.

All about Jazz - Dumoulin takes the Rhodes to new sonic terrains, liberating it completely from any funk, psychedelic, fusion, rock or jazz associations, and suggests evocative, often enigmatic and cinematic soundscapes.(…) All sound fresh.

Jazzmozaïek - A Fender Rhodes Solo is a strong statement of a musical pioneer.

Jazzenzo - A rich pattern-card of all what everything that a Fender Rhodes is capable of. As long as it is played as Jozef Dumoulin does.

Le Soir - Made of plants and animals from very far away. We are in the beyond, serene.

Jazz Colours - A spatial(izing) atmosphere that wraps and conquers immediately, leaving you no choice and breathless.

Het Nieuwsblad - Always interesting. A cd for adventurers.

RifRaf - With this, it’s safe to say that Dumoulin is our belgian Brian Eno.

Kunsttijdschrift Vlaanderen - Like Jimi Hendrix redefined the vocabulary of electric guitar, so Jozef Dumoulin rewrites on ‘A Fender Rhodes Solo’ the alphabet of the Fender Rhodes.Rhodes.

Musica Jazz - Sonic cahtedrals, profound spaces. (...) A unique album in its genre.

Jazz à Babord - Dumoulin treads in the footsteps of Titan by Fançois Bayle and of la Messe pour le temps présent by Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier, or also some passages of La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura by Luigi Nono, or of Thirteen Harmonies by John Cage.

Jazzflits - Headphones on, and let yourself be transported. It’s a virtual journey of a bit less than an hour that one likes to make over again.

Le Jars Jase Jazz - Like the saxophone awaited Coleman Hawkins to become a solo instrument, the Fender Rhodes was awaiting Jozef Dumoulin.
To think that some unhappy people need illicit and toxic substances to reach artificial paradises, when listening to Jozef Dumoulin's music alone is enough to get connected to a different univers, unknown to astronomers and astrologers.

on the cd 'Rainbow Body':

Jazz News, TOP 6 - Prescription de la Rédaction - Following the sumptuous Trees are always right...  Rainbow Body is a great recreation yard.

Jazzmagazine ...of a sparkling smoothness. Delightful to the followers and capable of seducing the others...

Jazzmozaïek - TOP-cd - Is there a bigger compliment for a musician than being recognized after hardly a couple of notes? Probably not.

OpenMAg a keyboard magician, (...) the Belgian weaves a free and labyrinthic music, somewhere in between Bach, Boards of Canada and Steve Coleman.

Le Soir - Choix de la rédaction Jozef Dumoulin' s music is first of all a pleasure to the ears, then it conduces to meditate, to travel through thoughts, swept up by its wrings of harmony towards unexpected horizons. Dreams about music and music about dreams.

De Volkskrant ****  -This is no fusion stunt work, but music with a calm persuasive power. - CD of the week A listening journey we warmly recommend.

Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz Deranging and devastatingly enchanting!

All about Jazz  Rainbow Body's interest and raison d'être derive from its jarring juxtapositions, both in its musical pedigree and in its arrangements and organization.

Cultiver les différences Sort of a journey through the music of today that remembers the music of yesterday and would like to reach that of the future - A kind of definition of jazz.

Journal de Saint-Denis -Trash ans soft. Jozef Dumoulin is a traveller who pursues his interior path and challenges the boundaries.

Rifraf (Nl) Jozef Dumoulin is one of the most inventive pioneers in his genre. (...) The final result sounds surprisingly calm, with a couple of unexpected turbulences. Impossible to classify but extremely fascinating and at times incredibly exhilarating.

Rifraf (Fr)His capacity of mixing different musical genres is not voluntary, it's perfectly natural. A beautiful bouquet, diversified and complex the way we love it.

Kultuurtijdschrift Vlaanderen A perfect soundtrack to a world in full motion.

Kwadratuur Dumoulin's style is a lot more than a jumble of multiple influences.

Jassepoes Rainblowing!!

and some on the cd 'Trees are always right':

Jazzman/Jazzmagazine (Choc) - [Lidlboj]'s pieces divert [...] the factual and temporal dimension of the musical art into a role of contamination of a principally formal beauty.One should forget his listening habits in order to consider these installations as objects to admire. 

So Jazz Magazine (So Jazz award) - What do Magic Malik Orchestra, Print & Friends, Octurn and Benzine have in common? Jozef Dumoulin integrated within the group. In each of these, the piano player with the build of a basketball player has imposed his paw of luxury sideman, a subtle mixture between emotion and experimentation.Such as a free sketchbook, “Trees are always right” offers an outstanding playground, a (re)creation space without ending and a group (Lidlboj) in total expansion.  

Crisscrossjazz (Disque d'Or 2009)Piano player as inventive as Leonardo da Vinci [...], Jozef Dumoulin is the kind of alchemist who would transform lead into gold. “Trees are always right” [is a] masterpiece of inventiveness and DIY, it wreaks havoc in everthing on its way.

Citizen jazz (Disque Elu) - By turns touching, lively, simple and then complex, natural or highly synthetic, this plural music is yet integrated in an absolutely consistant unison thanks to the leader's architectural science and a beautiful editing work. However, the reviewer alloted to inform the future purchasers of the disk, has difficulties in choosing the appropriated label for this music which navigates from jazz, pop to electro.

M-la-music - There's no hit in “Trees are always right” : one should listen it from Ato Z, seep into its meanderings, acclimate to the jungle.

Franpi - The very name of Jozef Dumoulin in an album indicates a particular sound, a work in depth on atmospheres [...].“Trees are always right” is a disk that travels through different universes to create a consistent and delightful music. It probes the dreamlike universe of childhood througout a very atmospheric music which is at the same time an outstanding rythmic work.