© Nikola Cindric


Trevor Dunn: electric bass
Eric Thielemans: drums
Jozef Dumoulin: keyboards

CD: 'Rainbow Body' BEE JAZZ 048, release oct 2011

After his first album Trees are always right’s release in 2009, Jozef Dumoulin takes the plunge and embarks on a trio adventure with Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle, Fantomas, John Zorn, Andrew D’Angelo) on bass and Eric Thielemans (Lidlboj, EARR, A Snare is a Bell, Maak’s Spirit) on drums, which gave birth to his second album Rainbow Body.
In the latter, Jozef Dumoulin carries on his search for the right balance at the borders of electronic sounds, experimental music, pop and jazz. Presenting mainly Jozef Dumoulin’s compositions, Rainbow Body is a fascinating and unclassifiable album which reveals the universe of this unequalled, infinitely multifaceted musician.

audio: Fuga X, The Dragon Warrior

full record on youtube

video on youtube: live in Antwerp, Sosuke live, Walk 3 bis live, live at Stubnitz, Mei live at Moers, live at Vecteur