Plug & Pray

BenoƮt Delbecq: piano, keyboards and electronics
Jozef Dumoulin: Fender Rhodes

Delbecq and Dumoulin? The stream (becq) and the mill (moulin)? One could have bet that someday these two maestri were going to plot something together! Here are two contemporary jazz pianists, both based in Paris, two inspired composers who have a lot of esteem for each other, and today they invent a revigorating music made of living sound and hallucinatory beats, an intensely creative music that has no name yet. 

CD 'Evergreens' released on dStream in April 2017

epk video made by Igor Juget

and two tracks of the record:
Sonate Pour Un Printemps Meilleur
I Had A Dream About This Place

"A Powerful Collaboration"  ****1/2  - Downbeat May 2017